How it all began

Over the years of his experience as a Doctor in both the NHS and private sector, Raja, one of our founders noted that the waiting times in England for patients to see a doctor and get the appropriate investigations and treatment was appalling. This led to a lot of frustration and anxiety in patients which was very difficult for Raja as a doctor to watch as people fell prey to the system. Around the world even people in developing countries can see GPs and Specialists on the same day but here in England our people suffer despite having the best National Health Service in the world. Patients struggling for weeks without appointments was something Raja simply couldn’t understand. Despite the presence of appointment booking platforms in the industry, the problem of long waiting times continues to exist. Most of the websites have a number to call to book, which can make it time consuming to find an available slot at a facility near you.

Raja and his wife Poobashni continued to face patients with this problem andsought to fix it, knowing the difference it would make in patients’ lives. Having a good understanding of Information Technology, they have designed a fast and intuitive online marketplace that will transform healthcare by bringing patients and doctors closer than ever before.

The Plan

Our team of creative and driven individuals come together, to create a healthcare search engine that will facilitatethe patient’s accessibility to world-class healthcare in a quick, flexible and convenient manner at highly affordable prices, with the mission to be the first and independent source of information for finding the ideal healthcare specialist suited to one’s needs.

At AppointmentHub, we value innovation and we are using technological advances to make sure that you are never more than 3 clicks away from booking a consultation with a GP or a specialist. Every patient who sees a doctor through our platform is essentially making way for others on the waiting list to see their NHS doctors quicker – thus creating a win-win situation. We help you compare our doctors through verified patient reviews – after all, no advertising beats the word of the mouth.

We are working closely with doctors to improve their online presence so that you can reach them at the time when you most need their attention. By offering to manage their private practice we free them up off their administrative burden so that they focus on nothing but you. Our doctors are committed to delivering high-quality evidence-based care that the United Kingdom is best known for.

At AppointmentHub, we understand that science and technology is ever-changing and that’s why we embrace change. We don’t just embrace change, we make changes. That is why we have brought all the healthcare professionals under one virtual roof and we will keep bringing more services to your fingertips to the extent that you will have to go to a hospital only if you need surgery.